Chatbot push to organization

We are in the process of writing a chatbot integration that we are going to publish on our marketplace. In order to get this working a somewhat tricky OAuth flow I needed.

Since all of our customers run on their own subdomain, we can’t use a static webhook address as provided in your app-setup page. As a workaround, we reply on the following setup:

  1. The user (assumed zoom administer) loggins into our solution, where he starts the OAuth flow.
  2. Since the users started on “his” server/domain, we add this to URL-state and pick it back up on our middle layer where we keep a mapping from account id to endpoint (our/his server)

This works fine(in dev), based on testing, and is based on this discussion.

My question is; Can a Zoom administrator push this app to his organization? And will all of the users of that origination have the same account id?

Hey @jbl ,

That is correct! :slight_smile: Chatbots are account level apps, so they are installed once by the Zoom Admin and all Zoom Users on that account can use it.


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