ChatBot questions for Zoom Enterprise


In my company we have a new Zoom installation with an Enterprise plan. Me and my team are looking forward to have a chatbot app for different purposes. This app will need to access some internal APIs and can’t be accessed from outside the intranet because everything is blocked in this company.

If I understood correctly the docs, I could make a private Chatbot app and just pass it to my teammates (I don’t want/need other people from the company to have it). This app will require admin approval.

I have two questions here:

  1. Is there a way to install the app without admin aproval? Only 6 or 7 people might find it useful.
  2. Should the app need to have exposed APIs endpoints? (exposed as available from outside the company intranet)

The other approach I was thinking is using the Zoom SDK to make a chatbot that connects to our team channel and read the messages and respond to slash commands.
I have one question here:

  1. I need a user account for this bot to use, right? That will need an admin to create this account? Can a free account be used for this purpose?

Hey @luislezcair,

Only Admins can install Zoom Chatbots, but once installed, all users in your Zoom account can use the Chatbot.

No, you can call local endpoints and so on.

You could do this, but I would suggest using a Zoom Chatbot because there is more support and features in our API. But yes, you would need a user account which could be free, however, due note that the Chat / Channel endpoints are user level only.