How to access Zoom chatbot by public users

We have a zoom app/chatbot build using the Zoom API’s. But this chatbot is currently only available to admin users with in our organization. Can you please let us know what is the best approach for this app to be accessed by public users outside the organization. Also is there a direct deep link which we can use to open this chatbot in zoom?

Hi @jijo
Thanks for reaching out to us!
If you want to have external users to be able to install your Chatbot app, you will need to have your app reviewed by the Marketplace team and published in our Zoom Marketplace

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We are looking to build a chatbot using Zoom ( we have already created a zoom bot and works for internal users of the organization ), where customers can just send a message and our NLP will process the user query and provide the corresponding response. (f.e see our integrations in web or Whatsapp Share on WhatsApp). It is just like any other chatbot in WhatsApp or Telegram. Do we really need all these details like documentation, authorization url etc to be submitted for this chatbot to be accessible by users outside the organization. No technical documentation or authorization is needed by the end customer to chat with the bot. They can just sent a message and get it response. We dont want our end customers to oAuth their account with our app to send a message to our chatbot. Can you please let us know the best approach to achieve this.

Also is there a direct deep link which we can use to open this chatbot in zoom?

Hi @jijo
Thanks for sharing more details with me.
I totally understand what you mean, but as the chatbot will need to be authorized by users outside your organization, it needs to be reviewed by the Marketplace, cause your chatbot will have access to external Zoom accounts

Here is an example of a chatbot that is published in our Marketplace