How I can create my own chatbot

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Is it possible to connect my own chatbot, added to my zoom tenant and able to send private message to this chatbot ?
Is it possible to avoid this zoom marketplace since I want to integrate our internal chatbot in Zoom, I don’t want it public!
And last question, can I create my own chatbot and use it on a free account to test it first ?

I’m talking a chatbot I’m hosting myself not about Zoom Chatbot AI (virtual agent)


Yes, this is possible. I don’t see any issue with that and I’ve seen other Zoom Apps with similar chat experience implementations.

Are you looking to have the App only available to members in your Zoom tenet ? To learn more, see :

Enabling publishing for private and beta apps

Yes, you should be able to create your own Chatbot, provided that you give an attestation on how user data is processed.

Personal Data Attestation

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Have you succeded Maxence in making your chatbot run in zoom? i want that too

Happy to help @cklaver! Please let me know what steps you are having issues with?

Yes, you can connect your own chatbot to your Zoom tenant and send private messages to it. Here are the essential steps:

  1. Create a Zoom App: Sign in to the Zoom App Marketplace and create a “Chatbot” app.
  2. Configure App Credentials: Obtain the Client ID and Client Secret.
  3. Set Up Permissions: Add necessary permissions like chat_message:write.
  4. Develop Your Chatbot: Use Zoom’s APIs to handle authentication and message responses.
  5. Test Your Chatbot: Ensure it handles messages correctly in a test environment.
  6. Install and Authorize: Install the chatbot in your Zoom tenant and authorize access.
  7. Monitor and Maintain: Regularly check and update the chatbot for optimal performance.
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