Chatbot with multiple choice to control zoom mute button


I missed the webinar on the 9th of April and have a question regarding chat apps.

Use case scenario:

  1. I want to display 2 options in the chat for both zoom participants:

a) request permission to ask a question

the other zoom participant is notified about this request in the chat. He is shown two options: to confirm or to reject the resuest. If he selects to confirm the request, he is unmuted in zoom and can speak. If he selects “reject” the other person is notified about the decision in chat and everybody remains muted.

c) stop speaking - when the person speaks he has only one option to select from in the chat - to stop speaking. Until he isn’t finished the other person remains muted. When the “stop speaking” is selected each participant sees again the option A)

Basically I like to offer multiple choice options in the chat to participants and then control based on the selection who gets unmuted or muted and for how long.

Can you share advice on if and how can this be implemented as a chatbot within the zoom messaging?

Hi @slava, sorry you missed the webinar - here’s a link to the recording if you haven’t received it.

Zoom Chatbots currently do not have access to many in-meeting features, like muting. Chatbots can call Zoom APIs to set meeting settings via the host’s settings, but they cannot be used to adjust in-meeting participant settings.

This is a great feature request - I’ll submit this to our Chat team :slight_smile: