Chrome 93 Breaking Changes for Web Video/Meeting SDK

Chrome 93 Breaking Changes for Web Meeting/Video SDK

The release of Chrome 93 on August 31st will result in breaking changes to WebCodecs due to API updates, which breaks the Web Meeting SDK and Web Video SDK ability to send video. To use Chrome 93+, you must upgrade to Web Meeting SDK 1.9.8+ and Web Video SDK 1.1.4+.


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Nice Friday afternoon post.
Weekly summary just arrived.
Zoom integrations will stop working on tuesday have a great weekend… doh!


Brutal. This is the second time we get a last minute “hey things will break in a few days”.

Hey @robertfontaine and @ckarpyszyn,

We apologize for the last minute update - thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on how that affected your team.

Going forward, we’ll work to make sure that we provide notice further in advance.


Hey @ckarpyszyn , @robertfontaine ,

Thanks for your feedback. Here is some info on why we needed to make this update with short notice:

We released an update as soon possible, after learning about the change, implementing the change, and testing it. :slight_smile: