Web SDK 1.9.7 + Web Codecs on Chrome 93 - No video


Yesterday evening we upgraded our application zoom dependencies to the web SDK 1.9.7 and WebCodec activated.

And we got massive report of video not working at all for all users that were using Chrome 93 (still beta)
So we had to rollback to the SDK 1.9.6 without WebCodec activated.

We suspect that the problem comes from the Web Codec activation with Chrome 93. This does not happens with Chrome 94 or Chrome 92. We did have a report from a user using Chrome 91 as well but that could be a false posivite report (another issue)

Chrome 93 is going to be released in the Stable channel on August 31, so it would be a great idea for you to start to investigate on this problem and fix it before that version is out there, or you may face massive reports.

This could also just come from a bugged version of Chrome 93 as it’s still beta.
We will perform some tests on our side to try to clarify which part is in cause (sdk 1.9.7 and/or web codec and/or Chrom 93)

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Hey @nvivot,

Thank you for reporting this. I’ve forwarded this to our engineering team for their insight. I’ll let you know what I hear. (ZOOM-299307)


Hi @MaxM,

Were you able to reproduce it on the Zoom side as well? Is there any update on this issue?


Hey @lfrancia,

Our team got back to me and informed me that while we don’t support beta versions of browsers we will keep our eye on this behavior and continue to test as we approach the release date to ensure there aren’t any critical issues introduced.


Thanks @MaxM

By the way, we identified that this is happening when activating webcodecs.

1.9.7 without web codecs on chrome 93 does not show particular issue from our tests.

Hey @nvivot,

Thank you for clarifying, I communicated that to our team.



Looks like you published a fix related to this problem with the Web meeting SDK 1.9.8, at least related to web codec video issue on chrome 93.

Do you confirm it’s a fix related to this thread, or something different ?

@nvivot Your input here, and throughout our Developer Platform, definitely contributed to this update which mostly addressed issues with Chrome 93. Thank you!



After some tests, the Web SDK 1.9.8 have been invalidated. (at least with web codecs activated and on Chrome 93)
This version is still bugged and do not fix the situation regarding video issues with Web Codecs. It seems to be specific to Chrome 93, but he, you have been warned on this thread some time ago.
We may move on 1.9.8 but without WebCodec activated, we prefer to have video “lags” instead of no video at all.
I believe this 1.9.8 was rushed and has clearly not being tested on your side as:

  • so many people (compared to usually) report the exact same issues / incorrect behaviors on all platform: window, mac and chrome os.
  • it’s so easy to reproduce those many bugs by playing with the different combination of parameters / origin trials.

You will find most of the problems already reported here by other users or by @lfrancia for our company.

I heard that the version 2.0 will be out soon, i hope it address this situation in a definitive way. It’s a real boring job to do test in place of your company on your products.

Hey @nvivot,

Thank you for following up on this. We are indeed seeing some issues despite your initial report. While our team was able to address much of the changes, it looks like some edge cases were left out.

In our new thread, Gianni is working closely with our team to make sure these issues are resolved ASAP.


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