Web Meeting SDK version 1.9.9

Hello Zoom Developers, here are the updates for the Web Meeting SDK version 1.9.9 release:


You can also see the update listed on our Changelog: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog


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Thanks Tommy. It’s not in the changelog yet FYI.

What comes after 1.9.9? Is 2.0.0 still going to be a customisable version of the meeting SDK?


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hi @tommy ,

i tried the same with sdk version 1.9.9. but i am still facing the same issue.

Chrome Version 93.0.4577.82

Hey @alexmayo ,

Thanks, it was added a day after. :slight_smile:

Great question! Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Hey @nitin.goyal ,

Please make sure your page is cross origin isolated, or you are using the SharedArrayBuffer Chrome origin trial: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/web/advanced/web-isolation

If you experience an issue, please create a new topic in #web-meeting-sdk and fill out the post template so we have enough info to assist. :slight_smile:


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