Clarification on the Impact of JWT App Deactivation on Meeting SDK Signature

Impact of JWT App Deactivation on Meeting SDK Signature:

I am writing to seek clarification regarding the upcoming deactivation of JWT apps and how this change may affect the Zoom Meeting SDK app signature generation process.

Currently, within our Zoom Meeting SDK Angular web application, we join meetings by generating the required signatures using the credentials of our Zoom Meeting SDK app (app key and secret).

In light of the impending deactivation of JWT apps, I have the following inquiries:

  1. Impact on Meeting SDK Signature Generation: Will the deactivation of JWT apps have any direct consequences on the Meeting SDK signature generation process?
  2. Transition to ZAK Token: If the JWT app deactivation does indeed affect signature generation, is it necessary to transition to utilizing a Zoom Access Token (ZAK) for authentication with the Meeting SDK?

As we currently do not have any JWT apps in use (app list image attached, it is vital for us to understand the potential implications of this change and ensure a seamless experience for our users.

I kindly request your guidance and insights on this matter to help us prepare appropriately for the forthcoming changes. Your assistance in providing clarity on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

The signature you’re generating now is going to be fine moving forward unless they change something with the Meeting SDK. There would only be a difference if you were previously generating signatures with the JWT App and are transitioning to the Meeting SDK.

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Hi @qasatti , @sales1 is correct. JWT app type deprecation will not have an impact on JWT auth usage for Meeting SDK.

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