JWT app migration

Hi, just for clarity, now i use JWT app to generate the token to call API and for generating signature to start and/or joining in the meeting using meeting sdk, now i have to substitute it with two app, one of type “Server To Server” to generate token and call API endpoint(previosly added to scopes) and one of type “SDK App” to generate signature with Sdk key/Sdk secret, i understand it correctly?

@lbenati ,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum @lbenati – great question! The Marketplace Meeting SDK App can be used to generate SDK JWT tokens and to make API calls. To generate SDK JWT tokens you would use the SDK Key/Secret and the OAuth credentials to access Zoom APIs.

Create a Meeting SDK App

That aside, you can also use different combinations based on your need. To learn about the available option,s check out we have support articles on this topic :

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