Client and webinars directly in our website

We have our own user system, and the client appears to require authorization/oauth/login? Ultimately, we manage users and if they are logged into our site there is no need to login to zoom, have a profile/account in zoom, we just use zoom as the webinar hosting platform and want to manage zoom webinars using API from our site and then have hosts/users join through our site.

So using the client, how can we load the experience directly in our website without requiring the user to log in again or do any oauth redirect? For example, they came to our site, are logged in, click a link to go to a webinar page, then we want to load zoom webinar inline and they can participate in zoom meeting as a component view or make fullscreen like watching a youtube video.

If we need to sync user systems and generate users, we won’t know their password since it’s encrypted in our site and really the user record is pointless since our user system is primary…

So how can we achieve this? Thanks,