Client or component view responsive size

Hello there!

I’m developing a meeting solution, for the platform of the company where I work, using the Zoom Web SDK.
This platform have a responsive layout, users can access it via desktop or mobile. It will show other information besides the meeting, so I can’t have only the meeting on the screen.

I’m testing both client and component view of Zoom Web SDK. Client view looks an interesting option because all the Zoom functionalities are on the same place. Component view is an interesting option too, it looks more customizable.

But I can’t see a way to make any of these views responsive. Client view fills all the screen, and component view only accept static width and height numbers.

There’s a way to make any of these views responsive?

Welcome back @ricardo.brunoro,

Based on your use case, the component view seems more fitting. The client view is designed to take fill the whole screen, while the component view provides resizing functionality. With regards to making the component view responsive, currently, this is not supported. However, I think this is a fantastic idea – thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Should you wish to directly provide your use case as a feature to be considered for a future release, I recommend submitting your ideas to Feedback - Zoom

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