Web SDK isn't allowing 500 participants to join

good morning guys, i use websdk for meetings on my portal, so this application is not letting more than 100 participants join the meeting. I have hired a large meeting for up to 500 participants, yet the websdk is not allowing it, lit up to 100 participants.

Version: CDN1.9.0Win10#chrome/90.0.4430.93

Hi @agc,

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Have you added the large meetings addon to the user after you purchased it? Be sure to select the same user which will host the meeting.


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Muito obrigado, sim isso foi feito. Mesmo assim não está sendo possível ingressar mais que 100 participantes pelo websdk.

@agc thanks for checking.

And the host of the meeting is the one with the Large Meeting addon? The Web SDK doesn’t have any limit on the number of participants in a meeting, instead it is determined by the host’s account/addons.

Are you receiveing any error messages when trying to join with more than 100 people?


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Quando chega no limite de 100 participantes não deixa o 101 entrar fica em e não consegue acessar a tela fica em JOIN MEETING, estou afirmando isso através do websdk, por fora com usuário e senha entra normal.

Segue o printe da tela do usuário usado para este tipo de reunião.

When you reach the limit of 100 participants, do not let 101 enter, stay on and cannot access the screen JOIN MEETING, I am stating this through websdk, on the outside with a username and password, enter normal.

Hey @agc ,

Is the Web SDK displaying an error message? What happens when you try to join the meeting with 100 participants?

Please share a screenshot of the Web SDK issue. :slight_smile:


The screen is in a loop.
The 101 that was waiting to enter is waiting for him to leave, there is no error on the screen. Only for a while does that user’s connection drop.

This matter is very urgent.

Hey @agc,

Thanks for confirming. Please send an email to developersupport@zoom.us with a link to this thread. In that email, please include the meeting ID where you saw this issue as well as any errors that you’re seeing in the browser console when this happens.

I’ll use that information to investigate further.


@agc is this similar to what you are seeing? Rate limits on joining meetings/webinars?

We are having problems with the Web SDK not allowing all 100 spots because every time a user attempts to reload when the event has not started, the Web SDK code is counting as though another user has successfully entered. If the same users try to reload enough times, they will eventually reduce the number of available slots to 0.

Hey @sg_dev,

Thanks you for taking the time to provide a potential solution! In this instance, it looks like there wasn’t the correct add-on to use Webinars.

I’ll follow up with you in that other thread.