Release schedule for Zoom apps

Our company is interested in developing a zoom apps.
What is the release schedule for development kits and guides for Zoom apps development?

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Hi @saul,

Zoom Apps are still under development, but we hope to have an update on timing shortly. As we prepare for Developer GA, you can expect to hear more significant updates in the coming weeks and months.


Thanks @will.zoom,

We’re a startup and will be receiving investment for Zoom App development.
In regards to this investment, we need to know the specific release schedule for Zoom App development kits in order to finalize our app’s release plan.
You mentioned weeks and months, but can we gain more info on a specific target date of release?


I would probably move on… I know it’s not your fault Will, but I’ve been waiting to develop on this since it was announced last October. It’s always coming within the next “weeks and months” and the completely closed nature of the beta is extremely frustrating.


Thanks for this feedback @saul and @dolson — I understand how frustrating it can be to not have exact timing nailed down yet, and know how eager you are to start developing. I do hope to have more details to share soon—in the meantime, I might also recommend subscribing to our mailing list as well, to make sure you hear updates as soon as they’re available.


And somehow every other app under the sun has been allowed access to create an app, except for those that are actually really eager and want to have an app in the Zoom Marketplace.

@will.zoom Our trivia app is used by Disney, Microsoft, T-Mobile, McDonalds. We’re the #1 rated app on Audience Engagement on G2 Crowd. Who can I reach out to for access before the general availability? Like so many other apps have been allowed? Please message me.

Hi @Evolross,

The beta for Zoom Apps is currently closed—however, if you’re able to share a few more details with us surrounding your use case, we can do our best to express interest on your behalf. Can you please open a request here with these details?