Closed Captioning Control for Host Only

Hello there,
I generally work with Meetings/Webinars, this request is for the ability to change the spoken language to be revoked from the Attendees. We have had a couple of instances where the audience is fighting for what the spoken language is. They assume Closed Captioning is translation so they keep changing the language even after we explain that this is not translation. During the call, small pop-up states that the spoken language has changed and is distracting our presenters/speakers. We have no issue with Captions being turned on by the attendees, however, we wish to control spoken language as a host/co-host controls only. Currently, we restrict the closed captions to English only via settings to stop the fighting over language, but being a global company we host meetings in multiple languages and would like to be able to enable closed captions without needing to change what languages are allowed via settings each and every meeting.