Cloud recording not working on latest VideoSDK

For the VideoSDK, I was originally using v1.3.1 and I had cloud recording working. I could start the recording, stop it, and then I could see it processing in the “Recordings” dashboard on the web. Now that I have updated the VideoSDK to v.1.5.2, the recordings are no longer working.

In our codebase, I am calling “startCloudRecording” and “stopCloudRecording” to start and stop accordingly.

I noticed that in v1.5.2, when I check the recording status via “getCloudRecordingStatus”, initially it is “stop” (which is expected) and I start the recording. When I check the status again before stopping the recording, the status is still “stop” (not expected, and I assume the cloud recording never started working to begin with).

But in v1.3.1, the status is first “stop” (which is expected) and I start the recording. When I check the status again before stopping the recording, the status is “start” (which is what I would expect and this would indicate the cloud recording was working).

There was no code change except switching the SDK versions. Any advice?

Hi @curtis.forsta ,

Did you locate the recording or it never occurred? Can you try enabling session.recording_started and session.recording_stopped to see if it recognizing when you start and stop the recording ?

Here’s how to easily test with webhooks: Using Zoom API Events to Reduce API Requests: Testing with Webhook Only App & Requestbin (Free Developer Tools) - #6


Hi @gianni.zoom ,

To answer your first question, the cloud recordings that were started on VideoSDK v1.5.2 were never located even though I call the method “startCloudRecording” within our app. Cloud recordings that are started on VideoSDK v1.3.1, I am able to locate the recordings.

I have set up the webooks with RequestBin as your other post has suggested. I have found the following:

VideoSDK v.1.5.2 - The “session.recording_start” and “session.recording_stopped” DO NOT appear. I ensured that the webhooks and RequestBin are working because I did get events “session.started” and “session.ended”.

VideoSDK v.1.3.1 - RequestBin received all events: session.started, session.ended, session.recording_start, session.recording_stopped

Thanks for doing this @curtis.forsta , the next steps would be to send me your account id for video sdk, app credentials and a short recording showing receiving those webhooks for VideoSDK v.1.3.1 vs VideoSDK v.1.5.2 to help with my report. I’ll message you now!

I am having the same issue using VideoSDK 1.4.0. Unable to see startCloudRecording() work in the Dashboard.

i’m having the same issue. i tested using Electron Demo

  • VideoSDK v1.5.2, v1.5.0, v1.3.3

  • VideoSDK v1.3.1

only v1.3.1 receive cloud recording callback.

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I sent messages to you all, please check them. Thank you!