Issue with Recording Duration in Zoom Video SDK

I am using the Zoom Video SDK to record video calls. When I checked the dashboard, I noticed a message indicating that the recording could not be generated because the recording time was too short for a session that was supposed to be recorded.

Upon reviewing the webhook logs, I found that the timestamps for recording_start and recording_stop in the session.recording_stopped payload were almost identical.

In our implementation, we ensure that stopCloudRecording cannot be executed immediately after startCloudRecording.

session id

Could you please investigate if there is any issue with the Zoom Video SDK?

Thank you.

Browser Console Error
The full error message or issue you are running into.

Which Web Video SDK version?
version “1.11.10”

Hey @yusuke.yamashita

Thanks for your feedback.


From the logs, it appears that the recording start and stop events for this session occurred almost at the same time, both at 2024-07-04 01:04:02 GMT.


Hi @vic.yang

I am aware that this issue occurred simultaneously, but in our application, it is designed so that recording_stop cannot be executed immediately after recording_start. Therefore, this behavior is unintended.

I am reaching out to determine whether the issue lies within our application implementation or the Zoom Video SDK.

Is there a possibility that the recording status could immediately change to stop after executing recording_start in the Zoom Video SDK?

Hey @yusuke.yamashita

There are two ways to start/stop cloud recording.

One is through the Video SDK using recordingClient.startCloudRecording() and recordingClient.stopCloudRecording(), and the other is using the RESTful API.

While analyzing this session,


We found that the startCloudRecording and stopCloudRecording methods were called almost simultaneously through the SDK. Could you help check the function call of the recording?


Thank you for your investigation.
We will investigate further assuming there might be an issue with our implementation.
Thank you for your continued support.