Cloud recordings automatically sent in bin

Hi everyone,

I’m having a constant issue with the meetings I’m recording on the cloud.

All of them directly go to the “bin” folder on my account.

Why is this happening and can someone help me change this?

My company has integrated solutions that process our recordings (Gong, Modjo), but none of our other reps have this problem, I’m the only one to have to manually retrieve those recordings form the bin every time.

I hope I’m in the right place to ask this!

Thanks for your help

Hi @pgelisdoherty , this does not sound like something developer platform related, but here are some potential next steps :slight_smile: :

Use this guide on deleting recordings to review your account settings. If possible, I suggest scanning the settings with a rep colleague (with same user type as you). Use their settings as a baseline to identify if there are any differences.

If you cannot identify any differences, try troubleshooting with our chatbot. If it’s not resolved then, you’ll be connected with technical support.