Duplicate recording's file in trash

Hi Everyone

If you follow next steps you will get duplicate file in TRASH

  1. Create meeting and recording. We have 2 files in recording
  2. Delete VIDEO file toTRASH. We will see deleted VIDEO file in trash
  3. In recording we delete AUDIO file to trash
  4. Go to trash and we will see two FILES

Why do we see two files?


After these steps I want to delete audio FILE from TRASH permanently.

  1. I use https://developer.zoom.us/playground/#/Cloud%20Recording/recordingsList  method to return all recordings from TRASH for user
    I get next result

  2. I use Meeting UUID and recording ID to delete audio file from TRASh permanently in next API request

And I get error 
“code”: 3301,
“message”: “Recording file does not exist”

Why this file not exist in meeting ?