Cloud Recordings documentation does not list all possible values for recording_type

My app recently started breaking because a new recording_type value started showing up. I’m not sure if this a new value or just an undocumented one, but it says “timeline”. This is not listed in the documentation:


And here is the response:

     "download_url": "[redacted]",
     "file_extension": "JSON",
     "file_size": 2425165,
     "file_type": "TIMELINE",
     "id": "[redacted]",
     "meeting_id": "[redacted]",
     "recording_end": "2021-04-26T16:23:18Z",
     "recording_start": "2021-04-26T11:59:33Z",
     "recording_type": "timeline",
     "status": "completed"

“closed_caption” is another value that is not documented.

Hey @chris.ota,

Thank you for reporting this documentation issue, I was able to confirm this on my end as well. I’ve since reached out to our documentation team to have this corrected. (DEVELOPERS-1195)


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