Code 1105 Creating User under Subaccount

I am attempting to provision users via the v2 API. I can create users without issue in the main account, but now I’m trying to do the same for some subaccounts.


A “GET” from that path works fine, so my authentication (JWT) is fine, and I can successfully retrieve a list of users. When I do a “POST” however, it returns a 400 with ‘{“code”:1107,“message”:“Domain name doesn’t match, please contact Zoom customer support to set managed domains for your account”}’

The body of the request is pretty straightforward:
‘{“action”: “ssoCreate”, “user_info”: {“email”: “”, “type”: 2, “first_name”: “John”, “last_name”: “Doe”}}’

The domain is the same as my main account, so if I understand correctly, that should work with my subaccounts too. There are no associated domains on the subaccount itself. A mass import was done to do the initial population of the subaccount and the accounts are all in the same domain, and users can be manually created in the subaccount with the domain name.

Hey @jeff_gebhart,

Can you share the sub account number so I can investigate this?


I’ve shared that via an e-mail, ticket is [#6677146]

Thanks @jeff_gebhart,

We will be with you shortly.