"code": 200, "message": "No permission."

Greetings - I am encountering code 200 when trying to send a test call.

I am on a university account, and may or may not have permissions to access API. How can I determine this?

“code”: 200,
“message”: “No permission.”

Hi @mforrester,

As you suspected, this error typically means you do not have the right permissions on your account. To fix this, you can have your Zoom Account Admin give you a role with the the Developer and Marketplace permissions.

This should allow you to call our APIs without an issue.

Let me know if this helps!


Hi Will - thanks for that, I have an appointment with our admin for next week to add those roles.

In the meantime, I have successfully used the OAuth API to schedule meetings in my own personal account - so I am learning the protocols.

But I am the only one who will be using this app - if I use web hooks instead, can I generate a persistent token? i.e. one that does not need refreshing every hour? Thanks,

I think I answered my own question:

Use a JWT Token for access and set a custom expiration date years in the future?

Hey @mforrester,

That’s exactly right! The JWT app will be what you’re looking for, and it allows you to set the expiration of your token based on your needs.