Code samples missing

Where did the code samples go? When I used the reference in the past, there were samples for PHP, C#, Curl, etc. All I see now is Node.

Hi @hireauthority

What code samples are you referring to?

In the API reference documentation all of the endpoints used to have tabs to the right where there were code examples in various languages.


We recently switched our API documentation provider. If you are looking for code samples for API requests, we recommended using the code snippet feature in Postman. Here is a link to the documentation :

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Thanks for chiming in here @donte.zoom

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Thanks Donte.

I’ve been using Advanced Rest Client, which also does the same. I found the examples in the API documentation helped reduce development time. I’m sad to see that it’s no longer available.
We can close this ticket.



Thank you for the feedback! I can see how the examples in the API documentation helped speed up development time and will share this feedback with the team. If feasible, please feel welcome to also provide your feedback for consideration here :

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