Updating Postman docs


On the api developer documentation page Zoom Meeting API it lists Postman Docs as under more resources. We had originally utilized these definition files to automate the generation of an SDK we use to manage several Zoom services across the packages we use with Zoom. However, it appears these postman docs are no longer being updated.

This was extremely useful given the depth and extent of the Zoom APIs and our need to automate service activation etc.

Is there any plan to update the postman docs? If not could the reference to them please be removed from the API documentation pages, and is there an alternative schema definition that is available to developers?

Actively maintaining development on an SDK with how the dynamic Zoom API takes man hours to track down the changes and update the SDK.

Hi @wattry.virginia.tech , we are actively working to update the workspace and updates are shown on the workspace activity – is there a particular collection you are referring to?