Collecting multiple occurrence meeting metrics

I’m collecting Zoom meeting/webinar data, including QOS data, for use in a creating PowerBI dashboard. As I’m returning the meeting list for a specific day I noticed a meeting ID coming up more than once and realized it’s because someone opened the meeting more than once in that day. Then I got to thinking that when I get to retrieving the participant list and then the QOS data, the only value I supply is the meeting ID and the user ID. Since the data goes back for six months I assume I’m going to get participants and QOS data for any occurrence of that meeting? Whether it’s a recurring meeting or just that someone used it on multiple dates.

Where I’m getting with this is that when I return a particular instance of a meeting, do I need to make sure I add the logic to filter out any participant and QOS data that doesn’t fall between the start and end time of that occurrence?

Is there something I’m missing in the API that would help me return only the participants and QOS data for that occurrence or is that my responsibility? Or am I just missing something altogether and this is not an issue?

Hi @jferguson each instance/occurrence of a meeting can be accessible through the QOS APIs by passing the UUID in the path rather than the ID.

I’ve been noticing that while this is documented (see below), it’s not immediately clear. Pardon this, we’ll work on improving this.

Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 6.43.20 PM

You can listen for all newly created Meeting UUIDs using the Meeting Created webhook, or use the Past Meeting Instances API to return all UUIDs for each Meeting ID.