Multiple occurrence ids for one webinar day


I am using the Zoom API to retrieve my webinar’s participant information.
I am aware that for each day of a webinar a new occurrence id is generated.
However, I also noticed that for some days there are two occurrence ids and therefore 2 reports for the same day of the webinar are available.
My guess is that when the webinar is closed by the host, say for a break and then reopened on the same day then a new occurrence id is generated.
Is this correct? If not, could you please throw some light on the same.
We are in the process of generating participation grade reports and this is proving to be an issue.

Thanks very much.
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Hi @priya.jetley, yes, every instance a Webinar is started and then ended, a new occurrence (UUID) is created. You will be able to use the List Past Webinar Instances API to compare whether UUIDs share the same start date.

Let us know if we can help further :slight_smile:

Hi Micheal,

Thanks for confirming this.
I am in the middle of a zoom participant report related issue concerning such webinar.
Could you please take a look at this thread too and give me some advise.

Thanks a lot!

Hey @priya.jetley,

We will take a look at your other post! :slight_smile: