Compatibility with Android API 26


Hello Team,

I’m trying to integrate the zoom sdk into my application which is built on API 26. I’m able to successfully launch the meeting but unable to access the buttons which zoom has provided in example2, MyMeetingActivity. 

But when I run the example2 application, I’m able to access all the buttons like audio, camera, share, participants, leave meeting etc. Layout is positioning properly.

I see zoomsdk examples are pointing to API 23. Is it because of the versioning, I’m unable to see those buttons ?

Is the sdk compatible with the latest version of android ?

Please help.





I was referring to my_meeting_layout.xml file


Hi Manikanta,

we will check the compatibility issue regarding to API 26. We will let you know.



Thanks Wei.

Will be waiting for your response.

It’s kinda critical for us.