Integrating zoom sdk in android app

I have downloaded the sample app from here “GitHub - zoom/zoom-sdk-android: Zoom Android SDK” and and I am referring “example2: An Android app that shows how to join meeting without any login credentials.” its working fine but when I am trying to integrate zoom sdk in another dummy app everything works fine except the layout in the MyMeetingActivity (at the top) which contains Audio,Camera,Share,Participants,More and Leave Buttons is not visible though I am using the exactly same files(,MyMeetingActivity) from the sample project downloaded from the above git link.


Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Are you getting any error messages? Could you provide more info on how to re-produce this scenario?


if you set MeetingOptions.no_bottom_toolbar=true when you join meeting, will hidden bottom bar.
please check the options when you join meeting.

Hi Carson,
Thanks for your quick response. No I am not getting any error, but the layout highlighted in red does not appear in my app though I am using the same sdk and files(source code) used in sample app I have downloaded from git.

Please note I am using the “ example2 : An Android app that shows how to join meeting without any login credentials.” which is having two activities, MainActivity and MyMeetingActivity.

Hi Fred,
I was talking about the top bar highlighted in this post - Integrating zoom sdk in android app

Hi @carson.zoom any updates on this? your help would be really appreciated Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the update. If you are not getting any errors, it means the code is running and no exception appears. I can give you a checklist which could help us to further identify your issue.

  1. Is your gradle setting the same as the one in our demo? What is your AppTheme or do you have any styles that could possibly overwrite the layout style?

  2. Is the area actually loaded and exist?
    Since the area that you are looking for does not embed with Zoom Meeting UI and it is manually implemented with our demo. When running your demo, can you use Layout inspector in Android Studio to see if that layout is actually loaded and exist? (

  3. If the layout does exist, is it covered by other layer or its visibility is none?
    In our demo, the video conferencing area is shrunk and fixed, if the size is not set, it might cover the top area. And the default visibility of this LinearLayout is none. Can you try to manually set the visibility of this layout to see if it appears?

Looking forward to hearing from you.