Component view layout for mobile


We are using the component view in our website, which is a responsive site for both desktop and mobile.

In the desktop we can switch layouts - gallery, ribbon, speaker etc… when we run the web on mobile device - we don’t see the option to toggle between layouts, and the speaker view seems to be the only one that available.

Is other views supported in component view for mobile in web application? Such as ribbon or gallery?

Our technologies-

  • Zoom web sdk
  • Component view
  • Web application using angular
  • Mobile device - android

Thank you all

Hi @avidant ,

here’s the browser feature support table

@chunsiong.zoom thanks for your response.
In the link i can see a reference for gallery view, that says it’s supporting up to 25 videos stream, but there is no mention for max video channels for mobile.


Gallery view is not support on mobile browser at the point of writing.