Start video issue on mobile chrome browser (Component view)+1

After the size is adjusted to the phone, the SDK will report an error, and the camera will not come out
In the real phone environment, the contents of the camera and the shared screen cannot be displayed

Which Web Meeting SDK version?


Also, I would like to ask whether the mobile terminal can only display the video of one participant, instead of displaying the video of multiple participants in the same interface

Hi,Mobile terminal does not support gallery View, can only show one camera

@nvivot @donte.zoom
Please take a look at the problem

Max M.

i’m not a zoom employee :wink:

Ok, just to see that you are knowledgeable, have you used the Gallery View on the Web side to set up the Web on the mobile side?

I would not recommend to use the Web SDK for mobile devices, but instead the mobile (iOS/android) zoom SDK per platform.

That’s the choice we made in my company, for performance obvious reasons. Going with the web sdk for mobile will give you a worse experience in term of audio & video than going with a native SDK, as the web resources cannot use much native functions and hardware.
Of course the tradeoff is that you have to code a mobile application for each platform you need to cover…

So sorry, did not use the Web SDK for any mobile platform, and won’t.

Thank you very much for your answer, I have benefited a lot

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