Component View to fill 100% of container

Hi, how can I make the component view fill it’s container without dragging? and without fixing the width on client.init()? I see how to do a fixed resize on init here … Resizing (

but my component view needs to live inside a side panel that is resizable.

I’m running the Angular sample from here …
zoom/meetingsdk-sample-angular: Use the Zoom Meeting SDK in an Angular App (

I haven’t made any progress on this, the best I can do is set a fixed width on client.init() which doesn’t fit with our whiteboard application.

I looked at using iframes … (but I noticed that these are not supported)

I looked at the Client View … (but that takes over the entire document body, so no good)

No solution here.

I’m stuck here as well. Any insight on this @tommy?

any new updates here? we are stuck on the same issue