Client View without global CSS OR Component View in FullScreen


I am currently struggling with embedding Zoom Meetings in my angular project.
What do I need: I need a fullscreen Zoom Meeting Window BUT Zoom must not interfere with my global css of the website.

AFAIK I could either use the Client View to achieve the fullscreen, however I cannot get rid of the global css stylings the SDK passes upon starting the application (right?, if there is a way for this, please let me know!). The other possibility is using the Component View. I didn’t implement this for a while but if I remember correctly the Component View does not add global stylings, however: I cannot put the meeting into a fullscreen mode easily (I want the fullscreen to look as similar as possible to the classic Zoom Client).

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Zoom Meeting SDK (WebSDK), currently in the Client View, Version: 2.14.0

Troubleshooting Routes
I’ve been trying to find a way to supress the style injection of the websdk client view, but did not succeed there.

I’ve also visited several topics here, e.g. Zoom Web SDK Styling - #19 by damien1
However this did not help me, as I cannot simply switch to the Component View (unless I have an easy fullscreen option, which to the best of my knowledge, does not exist).

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
Just start up zoom as it is supposed to be run, the “issue” is the normal behaviour of the client view.

I need to embed zoom in fullscreen into my angular web application without it interfering with my global styles. Neither the Client View nor the Component View seem to help me achieving this.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @balzer.robin,

As mentioned in the referenced post Zoom Web SDK Styling - #19 by damien1, the recommended approach is to have the Web SDK hosted on a seperate path so it does not affect your styles, then once the meeting is over, utilize the leaveUrl to be redirected back to your app.

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