Computer Audio, Video, Share Screen not appearing on local host with css style error

I can successfuly join and start a meeting with status true

{method: "join", status: true, errorCode: 0, errorMessage: null, result: null}

but there is no audio or video or any zoom option appear on the sccren and i have this error on my log


Which version?

  • Browser:[Chrome]

I Solved it by using an intial state at my react component

const [meetingLaunched, setMeetingLaunched] = useState(false);

then when i luanch my meeting by clicking the button i set my state to true


last thing i will hide my html elements if this state is true => this will make zoom show its elements like audio and video and share screen options when the join meeting is success.

!meetingLaunched ? <>// my html elements<> : <>// empty element</>

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Hi @Ahmed_Alaa,

We’re glad that you were able to resolve the issue. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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