Concurrent meeting for the pro plan

Hi team, we’ve purchased the pro plan and we have created concurrent meetings through the API utilizing multiple custCreate users. We are able to create the meetings. But the thing is that the meeting is lasted for only 45 minutes. Can you please assist why is this meeting ending after 45 minutes.

Hi @neetu can you confirm that the host userID has a Pro license assigned to them? And that the meeting has been created using separate userIDs?

There will not be a time limitation on custCreate / API Users with Pro licenses; however, a single userID cannot be used to host concurrent meetings, so the meeting can be ended by a second “host” attempting to join the concurrent meeting.

Hi @michael.harrington, yes meeting has been created using separated user IDs. I’ll brief you on the process.

  1. We’ve only purchased just the PRO plan and then we created users of the type “Basic” and action custCreate through the API.
  2. Then we created a meeting using create a meeting API endpoint using and userId from the response of creating a user API endpoint.
  3. We created multiple users and respectively meetings for each of the users.
  4. When the meeting is started it gets ended after 45 minutes.

I hope, our process is clear to you and let us know if you have any questions.

Hi @neetu these users would need to have Pro licenses. Basic users will have a 40 minute limit to meetings. You can use the Update User API to add the available Pro licenses to these user accounts.

Hi @michael.harrington, here is the scenario - we are using a zoom web SDK into our website for joining the meeting. All the meetings are created through the API. So each time a new user creates the meeting it should last for more than 45 minutes. Please suggest how we can achieve this, we already had a PRO account. I hope you have understood the scenario.

Hi @neetu, I understand you have a Pro account - but you will need to assign those Pro licenses to the users who are hosting the meeting. Pro licenses are tracked at the individual user level, here’s a guide to assigning them:

hi @michael.harrington not sure, but can you please help me understand how will I assign those licenses . I am creating host users through API and I don’t want any manual intervention. For instance creating multiple meetings with multiple host users should be automated through API.
I hope you understood.

Hey @neetu,

You can accomplish this via the custCreate user option which allows you to create dynamic API users that are either Basic, Licensed, or On-prem.

You can also change / assign licenses via the update user endpoint.


Hi @tommy, we are using custCreate user option (of type Basic). But meetings created under basic type lasts only for 45 minutes. I need at least 3-4 hours meeting duration. Also tommy you can check above threads with the @michael.harrington, our approach towards the API integration.
Let me know if you need anything else from my side.

Hey @neetu,

Correct, you will need to create licensed users. You can buy more licenses via the API as well: