Limit on user creation and meeting

We want to integrate zoom in our android app for users to do meetings. I want to clarify a few things:

  1. should we create one zoom user for each user in our app using userCreate zoom API? is there any limit on the number of users created through the pro account?

  2. All these users will be associated with our pro account?

  3. can each user create their own meeting created from createMeeting API which runs for more than 45 minutes if they are created from our pro account? is there any limit around meeting time for the user’s under the pro account?

  4. We want to have both scheduled meetings as well as instant meetings. To make things simple I will create an instant meeting as scheduled meeting with the start time as now. This looks fine?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

  1. Yes I recommend creating Zoom’s “basic” accounts for each of your app’s users, and purchasing a fixed number of “pro” licenses to attach to hosts during meetings.

  2. I recommend purchasing a fixed number of “pro” licenses, and only attaching them to users when they are conducting meetings. This way, say you have a 100 users on the app, not all 100 will be hosting meetings at the same time. This way, you may only need 10 “pro licenses.” You’d need to keep track of your available licenses in a database, and you’d attach / remove licenses from Zoom accounts before / after a meeting. This way, not every user needs to be licensed, and you only need as many licenses as concurrent meetings you expect. I’d recommend buying a few extra licenses as well so they are available for your “instant meeting” use case.

  3. Pro users will have no limit to their meeting time. Refer to the point above about Zoom accounts. And yes, each user can create their own meetings if you set up the endpoints correctly.

  4. Yes, that should be totally fine.

Thanks, @hassan2 for your reply. One connecting query from the above reply:

  1. With a pro account, I can have (1-9 in pricing)9 licensed users, right? or its just one pro licensed user.

  2. I can create all users as a basic user and based on logic make a call to updateUser to change its type from 1(basic) to 2(licensed) and once the call is done move them back to basic. I Will keep this info in DB, so i don’t miss any as suggested. Does this look like I got the approach as you suggested?

  3. can I buy 10 “pro licenses” under the same account and use them to create basic users to licensed users?


  1. Ah yes, you can have a series of 9 licenses that you rotate among your users. This means that your bottleneck would be 9 concurrent meetings per any given time.
  2. yes, that’s exactly what I was recommending!
  3. yes you can. You can have a master account that is an owner and it controls users on its domain. This is how we have done it. So you’d need one API key to interact with all of your users.

@hassan2 Thanks, this is helpful.

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Thanks so much for jumping in, @hassan2!

@mitesh let us know if you have any other questions.


Hey @will.zoom, I have a few follow up questions where I am a little confused:

  1. can I convert the user from basic to license during their active call? Like if a basic user started a call and after 30 mins in the call, I convert them to the licensed user (using user update API) then their current active call will act as a licensed call and will not disconnect after 45 mins?

  2. In my pro account, can I purchase any number of licenses or is there any limit on that?

  3. If 2 is yes, then can I do these purchases from API and it will get billed to my account directly?

Hey @hassan2 Do you have any idea about these?

Hey @mitesh

  1. I believe the answer is no, because the settings are pulled before a meeting starts.

  2. I think the limit is currently set to 9 licenses, but it could be changed depending on Zoom support if they let you. My guess is that for more than 9 licenses, they might recommend the business account. Will can confirm.

  3. According to what the sales engineer told us, the licenses must be purchased beforehand. So you have a “pool” of licenses.

I typically attach my user licenses about 30 minutes before a meeting starts, and remove it after I receive the meeting ended webhook event.

Hope that helps.

Hey @mitesh,

Everything @hassan2 covered here is accurate. There is a limit of 9 licenses on Pro accounts, and you do not purchase them via API. You’ll need to do so from the UI. You can then assign licenses to users via API prior to/after meeting activity. We do not support changing licenses in real time during a meeting.


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