Configurable timeout after host leaves the session


According to changeLog for 1.2.0 version:
" * The original host has the following privileges: the session ends after a configurable timeout after the original host leaves a session, if a new host was not assigned."

How does one set this parameter: configurable tiemout? It is the same as sessionIdleTimeoutMins passed when client.join?

Which Web Video SDK version?

Hey @ol_mas

Thanks for your feedback.

sessionIdleTimeoutMins is used in such scenarios to prevent unnecessary usage costs when only one user is in the session but does not actively end the session. The default idle time is 40 minutes and only the original host can set this value.


Thanks @vic.yang ,

But is it the same time after which the users are disconnected after the host has left?
I need all users to leave session immediately after the host has left. What is the best way to achieve that then?

Hey @ol_mas

For your case, I suggest you can listen to the user-removed event, and check the leaving user is the host (through userId or displayName). But there is an exception , when the host rejoined from short-term network disconnection, the userId will be changed.


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