Confusing Documentation for PHP Integration

Is there a resource for implementing the Web SDK for PHP frameworks from a Software as a Service (SaaS) perspective?

p.s. I know I have to use the CDN method.

Additional context
Since 79.8% of websites use some form of PHP, as of March 2020, why does the documentation heavily favor node.js which represents 0.8% of the websites out there?

I have a SaaS (software as a service) product and I would like to integrate with Zoom. Do I use OAuth2 or JWT? I can’t find a good definition for User Account Level and Admin Account Level to determine if I use authorization or JWT.

Next, there is a message on the developer portal that says JWT is only needed for development, but if that is true, then how do we authorize api requests in production?

There are a number of links in the forums providing examples for developers using a PHP framework, but the links either do not work, I get the OOPs message, or they take you to a page that redirects itself after 5-10 seconds without your permission.

I am completely confused. Zoom nomenclature assumes outside parties have a firm understanding of internal lingo and neglect defining important concepts.

Is there anyone out there that can shed some light on the correct path I should use to integrate with zoom as a PHP framework developer?

For example:

  1. use the webSDK or something else?
  2. use JWT or OAuth2
  3. download this JWT composer package or similar OAuth 2 package
  4. create a developer account using JWT or OAuth2
  5. use the following github example (sample-app-web)
  6. follow the api reference guide to call class specific methods

Moreover, does the WebSDK provide a whiteboard feature? I can only find references to audio, video, and screen sharing.

As a 3rd party do I need to have a Zoom account or do I just need to ask for each users public and private keys to make api calls on their behalf?

Any additional help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @bizstim.apps, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

The only backend component to using the Web SDK is generating a signature, which we have an example here in PHP.

The Web SDK is a JavaScript SDK since JavaScript runs in the browser. Where are you seeing the Node.js documentation? The only backend (Node.js / PHP / etc.) component like I mentioned above is for generating the authentication signature.

If you are wanting to use the Web SDK, then you don’t need an OAuth App. You only need a JWT App.

If you want to make actions on Zoom Users behalf, like scheduling a meeting, then you could use OAuth for this.

This is not true, can you share the link to this page so we can clarify / fix?

If you want sample PHP code that calls our APIs, you can look on any of the endpoint pages in our docs.

Apologies that you are confused. We are here to help :slight_smile:

If you could please share what you are trying to do with the Zoom Developer Platform I can help further.

As of now, the Web SDK does not support the whiteboard feature.

To join meetings on the Web SDK, participants do not need a Zoom Account.

Let me know if you have additional questions.