How do I integrate zoom to my education website?


I am developing a portal in PHP, most of the core code is developed. I want to integrate Zoom web conferencing on my website, how would I do that?
Most of the link given above are either not working or very confusing. I want to show video conferencing on my website and not on Zoom’s website. I am fine if web conferencing opens in a new window.

I would really like to see any working demo or sample


Hi @rupeshmehta.1983,

Thank you for reaching us out on the Zoom Developer Forum.

We have provided a Web SDK that you can integrate. We have also provided steps to [integrate the SDK] ( in our documentation.

You can also consider following the steps mentioned here to build a sample web app.

If you have already viewed these links and were not able to resolve your issue, can you please let us know which parts were confusing? We are diligently updating our documentation, and your feedback would help us to effectively do it.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you.

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Thank you Ojus, I will surely look into it.


I am glad that it was helpful