Connect to real time audio stream

Hello everyone, :smiley:

I’m looking for documentation on how to grab audio streams in real time.

I can’t find anything, not even what format they are in. I’ve tried reviewing past posts in this forum on the same subject but they seem outdated, for example one staff moderator pointed to this link ( which is a dead end.

How does Zoom supply its raw audio streams for programmatic access?

Are the audio streams encoded in Base64?

Can the connection be opened via Websocket?

Appreciate your assistance.

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Hi @synthien ,

Here’s the working link for the endpoint you referenced:

At this time, I do not believe you can pull audio content streams in real time, but it would be a great #feature-requests !


Thank you Gianni appreciate the response.

I’m referencing the specific product ‘Zoom Phone’ here. This is a cloud phone system, so there has to be a PSTN network or something that is being used here. I would also assume that the audio is being encoded/decoded via G.711 or Opus, and then sent as Base64.

There has to be some HTTP/websocket connection that is being opened to accept this packet, therefore there has to be an endpoint somewhere - this is what I’m after. This allows you to grab the streams of your own audio calls :slight_smile:

That API link you sent should also allow streaming of the audio to an RTMP server.

& with your SDK’s, since they are fully customisable and built into our own platforms we would fundamentally have access to the raw audio & video, so it is possible. I’m just looking for any documentation around this. I’ve seen posts from Zoom staff on this forum that both confirm and deny this feature. So I think even you guys are a little confused, but you have enabled live streaming to 3rd party platforms since 2018 so I just thought by now there would be some out of the box features.

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Hello, I’d really appreciate a response if one is known. Perhaps the reason for no response yet is thanksgiving over there right?


This is issue is still not resolved. Kindly waiting for a response from someone, thanks.