Capture audio streams in real-time

Hi @MaxM,

I’ve seen you respond to a few similar posts such as this one over the past few years, and would appreciate your assistance with this post, therefore I kindly request this post is left for MaxM to respond to :slight_smile:

Can you please advise how I can capture the audio streams from your Zoom Phone product ( not Zoom meetings ) in real time?

I’d like to stream the audio to a websocket server, can you please advise how, or, point me in the direction of your Zoom Phone team for answers or possible enterprise customisations.

There have been posts in this forum dating back to 2018 asking for this feature.

@MaxM, you have responded to similar posts on this forum that it was possible, however I’m not sure which product you are referring to. For eg;

Can this be used to stream Zoom Phone streams to a websocket server to grab the audio in real time?

Here are some other quotes from you;

“If you wanted access to raw audio and video data, you can use the Video SDK but this doesn’t provide built-in features like meetings, or cloud recording.”

“If you need access to the raw video and audio of a meeting, you will want to look into our Fully Customizable SDK .”

“When it comes to livestreaming, that will include both the audio and the video. If you have a custom RTMP server where you have logic to access just the audio then that should work.”

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