Connect to zoom api wuth splunk

need to connect to zoom with SPLUNK.
have this kb Install Splunk Connect for Zoom on a distributed Splunk Enterprise deployment - Splunk Documentation
created the Zoom Webhook Only App.
but it request me to enter Event notification endpoint URL.
I need to connect to zoom - not that the zoom will connect me on prem.
I don’t have a public url that i can connect to .
how can i connect to the zoom ?


Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum and thank you for your question. You will have to create an Event notification endpoint URL that does the following:

  • Receive a POST event notification.
  • Respond with a 2xx HTTP status
  • Require that connections use HTTPS.
  • Store the event notification data safely.

Here is an Automate Workflows With Zoom Webhooks blog you may find helpful well:

Alternatively, you can use a serverless service provided by Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Services. The choice would really be contingent on what best will align with your organization’s specific security requirements.

I hope this helps!


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