Webhook Enabled App with Webhook logs POST to Event Notification Endpoint URL Issue

Event Notification Endpoint URL not receiving Webhook logs

I have Created a WebHook App that has Event Notifications enabled and the app is Activated.
When i login to my Zoom account i can see the triggers for notification in my Dashboard → Call Logs (Webhook Logs tab). All with status 200.

The issue is that i do not receive anything POSTed on the Event Notification Endpoint URL

When does zoom send the data to the Endpoint URL ? I have Logged the $_REQUEST to handle any GET/POST on the notification URL page but it does not log anything.

What am i missing here ?

Hey @cherubchum,

Thanks for reaching out about this. As a first step, can you confirm that your event notification endpoint is publicly accessible and is prepared to return a 200OK response upon receiving payloads? If not, our webhooks can fail silently.

Additionally, which webhook(s) are you testing with? These should be triggered near immediately.


Hello Will
Yes the End Point is publicly accessible and it returns 200 Response, Does it need to be 200OK or just 200 ?
I see the logs in the App itself. While i have logged anything sent at Public Endpoint, i do not see any data.

Hi @cherubchum,

Thanks for confirming. A 200 response should be OK. As a next step, can I kindly ask that you email us the following details at developersupport@zoom.us so that we can further investigate?

  • Email address associated with the app you’ve subscribed to webhook events under
  • The URL you’ve provided as the notification url for receiving events


I have sent the details requested. Please check.

Thanks, @cherubchum! Confirming I’ve received your email and will continue the conversation there. :slight_smile:


I think the issue was how the data was logged. i have now used following method to log any incoming payloads and it does print the data sent by zoom event notification.

 if($json = json_decode(file_get_contents("php://input"), true)) {
      $data = $json;
  } else {
      $data = $_POST;

Thank you will for your help.

Ah, I see. Thanks for sharing the solution @cherubchum!


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