Zoom Logs to our central Splunk

_Zoom Logs to our central Splunk
Hi Team,

We have been informed by management to configure all application including zoom to send the respective logs to our central Splunk logging server in our Infrastructure. Please provide the needed steps for configuring the zoom to send logs to our Splunk log servers.

We have already raised a related ticket (TS0168675)with the support team but seem to reach out to the developer team. Request you to provide the update at earliest.

Hi @deepak.k
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community.
Are you referring to this link right here: Install Splunk Connect for Zoom on a distributed Splunk Enterprise deployment - Splunk Documentation

Hi Elisa,

Thanks for your update. I checked this with my internal team and this method is not applicable in our environment. We are using cloud. Do we have any other method for this get installed.