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I am a beginner to this field and have some very basic requirement. I just want to experiment with Zoom APIs. I want to write a Python script to get all the meetings for a certain day or range of days or may be schedule a meeting. When I am creating the App, it gives a Client ID, Client Secret, Secret token, verification token etc. Also it requires OAuth Redirect URL and OAuth Allow Lists. What are these two? I do not have any URL as i expect the python script to access the API and get the required data, how can I generate the URL or OAuth Allow Lists? If someone can share a simple python script for beginners, it will be really appreciated.
I searched a lot but may are based on jWT which is no more available.

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Sounds like you’re creating an OAuth app. Client id/secret are the applications credentials and necessary for authenticating access to Zoom APIs. Secret token & verification are or Zoom Webhook/WebSocket event access. Please review the following documentation to know the purpose of these things in more detail:

Reference this thread: Difference between redirect URL and allow list in app settings - #4 by will.zoom

If you prefer to have an internal app (non-publishable, server to server), a server-to-server OAuth app would be the route to go. There is no allow list for this app type.

Reference these posts and resources for getting started with S2S:

Here are some links I found that could be useful:

Thank you so much for your support, I am able to create my first App and schedule my first meeting using it !
Appreciate your help

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Hi @mak202013 , glad to help!