Should we use oauth2 or jwt in the zoom api creating meeting?

Hello, I want to create a meeting using api with a native python application and get the url of this meeting. If necessary, I would like to delete this meeting again via api. That’s all I want to do. Finally, when I give this programmer I wrote to people, I want them to enter their username and password to create a zoom meeting, get the link and delete it if necessary.

I would like to state that I have not used an api system before. When I want to use the api document, it sees the oauth2 and jwt methods. When I enter the meeting api creation page, only oauth2 appears there, does this show that I can only use oauth2 to create the meeting? I am thoroughly confused about this? The zoom application part for Outh2 is asking for a callback url, but since my application is a native application, there is no url.

I would be glad if you could show me a simple and understandable way. Good work.

Hey @farukuyduran,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.

You can use the Create a Meeting API and the Delete a Meeting API in order to create and delete the meetings.

While you can create multiple OAuth Apps, there is only one JWT App for the entire account. If you have already created a JWT app, you can navigate here to see the apps that you have created and use the credentials from the JWT app.

When using a JWT app, you can avoid the OAuth Redirect URI requirement with OAuth apps. Try using the JWT app that you’ve created to access the API.

Let me know if that helps.


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