Contacts API - contact phone numbers


The Search Company Contacts endpoint may return multiple contacts for a zoom user:

  • phone_number
  • sip_phone_number
  • direct_numbers
  • extension_number

The descriptions do not make it clear what each number means and how it can be used.
More specifically:

  • What is the difference between direct_number and phone_number?
  • What is the difference between phone_number and extension?
  • What is the sip_phone_number?

Eg. invoking this API:

“phone_number”: "+1 ",
“extension_number”: “808”,
“direct_numbers”: [

Thank you!

Hey @jmpatrao,

While organizations can use these fields in varying manners, these fields are intended to add another level of organization and loosely align as follows:

  • phone_number: Main Phone (Home, Mobile, Office, etc.)
  • sip_phone_number: If enabled—for a specific telephone extension on a voice over IP system
  • direct_numbers: Typically used for office/desk lines
  • extension_number: Specific number for an office extension

Let me know if this helps,

Hi Will,

Thank you for your help!

Will via Zoom Developer Forum <> escreveu no dia sexta, 13/11/2020 à(s) 16:46:

No problem—happy to help!

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