Get / Update / Delete External Contact by Phone Number or ID

The problem arises when trying to create an external contact and the id or phone already exists but not being able to make an update to that item without the externalContactId (the one generated by Zoom).

I could attempt to fetch that contact to update instead but I’m unable to do so with the phone number or id (The customer-configured external contact ID) but instead I need the external_contact_id (The Zoom-generated external contact ID).

Unfortunately I don’t see any way to get this to work other than querying the whole dataset via the list endpoint 1 page at a time until a match is found.

Possible Solutions:

A possible easy solution would be to return the externalContactId in the response when attempting to to create a contact where the phone number exists.

An ideal solution would be to have the ability to perform the CRUD operations by any of the following:

  • phone number
  • id
  • externalContactId.

This is a pain point for our integration as well. +1 for this request.

+1. This limitation requires us to remodel our source system to use Zoom’s externalContactId, instead of the id we supplied on import. Our integration is essentially halted until we can use
GET /phone/external_contacts/{id}
PATCH /phone/external_contacts/{id}