Continuity Camera / Camo App broken in SDK v1.6.0

Video SDK for Web (React) version 1.6.0
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When joining the Zoom Session from our Waiting Room (Preview), we are no longer able to switch cameras to the mobile device (used as a webcam) a user had selected.

We use ZoomVideo.getDevices() in Preview, and a user can see a camera list, and preview their camera feed. This includes iPhones connected with Continuity Camera, or apps such as Camo. As they then join the Zoom Session, we save the deviceId in state, and query it when joining the session.

We then use mediaStream.switchCamera(previewVideoSelectionId) to switch the users selection to what they had in the Preview, and this has been working well for us.
In SDK v1.6.0, we have an issue where this is now not happening with iPhone Continuity or apps like Camo.
Is there a different method we need to utilise to allow this to happen again?

Continutiy Camera or Camo App is not being ‘switched to’ on Zoom Session load.

Troubleshooting Routes
Downgrading to SDK 1.5.5 fixed the issue.

Hey @tom.roper

Thanks for your feedback.

On the mobile platform, we recommend using MobileVideoFacingMode as the cameraID.