Fully Customized SDK - Videohelper switchCamera

Hello, I have successfully integrate Fully customized SDK on iOS. However, there is one issue related to switchCamera which I tried all 3 samples provided from the SDK. The issue is that once you call switchCamera to use back camera, then you won’t be able to use that button again to switch back to front camera.

Can you kindly let me know what could have happened?

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone
  • OS: iOS 14

Hey @ada,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

Which 3 samples are you referring to?


Hi Michael,

Thank you for you reply.

I were mistaken. I meant the 3 renderer views which are Canvas, Metal and OpenGL.
The sample call [[[ZoomInstantSDK shareInstance] getVideoHelper] switchCamera]; to switch camera from front to back. But, once it’s using back camera, switchCamera won’t switch it to front camera anymore.

Hey @ada,

Hmm that is strange, I just tested this in my application and I was able to switch back and forth. Are you on the latest version of the SDK? Do you see the same behavior when you actually run the sample application?


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