Controlling a meeting joined through weblink/zoom application

Is there any way to control a meeting that wasn’t joined via the Zoom SDK?

For instance, say I created an application which allows the user to join a meeting and then mute/unmute or turn camera on/off. If they join through that application, it will work perfectly because the application knows which meeting it’s controlling.

If the user doesn’t join the meeting through the application, but uses a Zoom weblink or manually joins the meeting through the zoom application, is there anyway my personal application can still interface with that meetings mute/unmute & camera settings?

Hi @nickrwann,

Thanks for the post. If you are the host, you have the host privilege to ask the participants to mute/unmute their audio and video. Other than this, you cannot control a meeting that is joined by the weblink or Zoom application.

Hope this helps. Thanks!